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Welcome! Here’s why you come to us

COPYPRINTER is indisputably one of the forces to be reckoned with, in the copying and binding industry. We have been in this line of business for more than a decade and have accumulated a wealth of experience to aid us in addressing various printing demands. What makes us truly remarkable is our ability to be flexible and adaptable to different requirements. And what distinguishes us from other printing firms would most certainly be: the commitment and pride we placed into the production of every job entrusted in our care.

While we understand that you might already have someone to handle your copying and binding needs currently, we would like to place ourselves in the fore front and present ourselves as your next best alternative. Hence, do consider us as one of your finest choice if you like US, only seek the best.

Own Pool of Quality Printing and Binding Resources

We own our own pool of imported paper supplies, machines and operating supplies; while working with trustable quality paper providers at the same time.

At our company, we incorporate some of the most efficient and advanced machinery managed by a team of dedicated and skilled technicians and printing operators, to ensure that you receive products of your desired quality at unrivalled time.

We strive to maintain a healthy stock of our printing and binding consumables at all times.

To add, we also have a fully equipped printing factory to handle our large printing and binding volume as well as a retail outlet in the city area to better fulfill our customers’ needs.

We are working hard to plant ourselves in more locations convenient to our customers’ access in the near future.

High Regard for Confidentiality of Client’s Printing Materials

The confidentiality of all documents/ materials received for printing is highly guarded. All confidential print jobs are confined to our enclosed factory; out of view from the public. (This is unlike many other printing operators who complete their print jobs in their shop front; in full view to the public.)

Cost Competitive

Like you, we are consumers ourselves. Hence, we work with your concerns in mind. We strive hard to remain cost competitive and at the same time, assuring uncompromised efficiency and quality. Better quotes can be worked out for large volume printing and binding jobs.

In view of the present market conditions and preferences, we have introduced the ‘Out – Sourcing’ printing job service which would effectively bring about cost efficiency for our clients.

Customer Service Oriented

What makes us stand out is the remarkable service we offer. We are consumers ourselves and we are conscious of your concerns. More importantly, we know what it takes to bring that smile to your face. At CopyPrinter, WE WALK OUR TALK!

Our Accomplishments

We have worked hard to achieve the status of a leading service provider in the copying and binding industry. Our polished work are the most best testimonies of our commitment to deliver quality products and services. More importantly, we have attained good track records and long term partnerships with many of our clients over the years. Some of our esteemed clients include a notable pool of MOE schools, government statutory boards, commercial firms etc.

It is easy to start a project but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for us.

We are CopyPrinter

COPYPRINTER was first established in 1995 and later incorporated into a private limited company in 2004 that aimed at satisfying bulk copying and binding demands.

COPYPRINTER is a subsidiary company of EIS Group which specializes in copier machines and Graphic Art equipment. EIS Group imports digital copiers, duplicators, sophisticated graphic art and binding/ finishing equipments which complements and offers an effective marketing edge in COPYPRINTER’s line of business.

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