Terms & Conditions

Here’s the fine print

Last updated: 18 April 2017

  1. All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars and will be subject to the prevailing 7% goods and services tax (GST).
  2. Customers can expect to incur surcharges for any urgent/after office hours copying and binding requests.
  3. Customers will be liable for additional adjustment charge(s) for any amendment(s) required after artwork confirmation.
  4. Copyprinter will not be held responsible for inferior quality prints due to low resolution original artwork submitted by the Customer.
  5. CopyPrinter does not accept any cancellation of order(s) once the order(s) has/have been confirmed. The Customer is expected to bear the full printing costs.
  6. CopyPrinter will not bear any responsibility for discrepancies resulting from customers’ own negligence.
  7. CopyPrinter requires customers to fulfill 100% payment of total costs before the order(s) will be processed.
  8. CopyPrinter advises customers to revert to us within 24 hours should there be any printing discrepancy. Inaccurate or inferior quality products (resulting from CopyPrinter’s negligence) will be re-printed by us at no extra charges.
  9. CopyPrinter will make every effort to produce colours as close to original(s) as possible for colour printing however, customers are to be cautioned that there may be a slight difference in the tone of colours depending on the resolution of your monitor. We are unable to guarantee that the colours that appear on your monitor screen is an accurate representation of the actual printed product/desired colours.
  10. Customers are to be cautioned on Copyright issues before sending in a print job. CopyPrinter Pte Ltd will not take responsibility for Customers’ infringement on Copyright Issues.
  11. For payment-
    • For cheque payment- All cheques must be crossed and made payable to COPYPRINTER PTE LTD.
    • For Inter Bank Transfer payment- Payment can be made to DBS BANK (Account No: 0549006890 )