Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the typical printing lead time?

It depends on the complexity and volume of printing. At Copyprinter, we commence each print order promptly and do not hold back any print jobs which are completed. We will arrange for deliveries or self-collections once the print jobs are completed.

What file formats do you accept?

We require our clients to save their files in PDF format to diminish or minimize discrepancies. You will be guided on how to do the conversion when before you upload your file. We have an inbuilt PDF conversion system to ease this procedure.

All documents containing Logos should be saved in high resolution formats. Please be advised that logos which are not saved in such a format might not fetch desired printing results.

Can I make changes to a confirmed print job?

Can I make changes to a confirmed print job?

What if I require urgent printing services?

You may call our 24 hour hotline even if it is after our office hours. But please be advised that urgent jobs surcharges will be imposed on such orders.

Digital printing vs. offset printing. What's the difference?

In a nutshell, offset commercial printing uses ink instead of toner, allows for the use of a great number of different papers and offers the highest quality finished product. Digital printing uses toner that is fused to the paper with heat and has a more limited number of compatible paper options.

Digital printing still offers incredible quality and has the added advantage of almost no setup cost, making small quantities cost effective. By contrast, the traditional offset press has a much higher initial setup cost, but is more economical to run once setup is complete. This means that for runs of more than 500-1000, the price per book will go down as the quantity goes up.

Can I bind an A4 document landscape?

Yes. The machine settings can be adjusted to achieve this effect.

Can colour print be done on coloured paper?

Yes, this can be done. However, it is strongly discouraged as the colour tones might not turn out as desired as when colour print is done on a white background.