Creat Professional Layout

Having been a pioneer in the printing industry in Singapore, we understand the importance of laying the right foundation when it comes to laying out of content for print.

Aware that most of you are working on the content in-house, we are all ready to provide you with our best knowledge of creating best quality work ready for print. This not only saves you time, you’ll also get the best results shown on your finished product.

In this guide, we guide you with professional standards of how best to present your information to be readable and presentable on print.


Text Fonts and Type

Make sure you use maximum 3 different fonts on one page to ensure the page is soothing for reader to browse and absorb the information on the paper.


Using Icons

Icons can add a little nice touch to your text so that your copy is not too wordy. Also, in a glimpse, readers can go through the copy with your icons as a guide to what the sentence is about.


Using Images

Go with big bold images to represent or illustrate what your copy has to say. Research shows that real images work best to explain what you have to say. As the saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”.


Print Specifications