Anatomy of Paper

Hopefully you are not too confused by the many options when it comes to paper size. You just have to imagine a large piece of paper divided into small ones and you have the sizes.

In order to illustrate this better, take a look below at the industry standard.

We’ve put up the A series format sizes here as we only print A3, A4, A5 and A6 sizes.


Paper size and dimensions anatomy

Paper Jargons

A3-closed or A4-open, what do these jargons mean?

Sometimes, you may need to produce a book for your project or bind together a stack of paper.

Understanding how your book is printed will make it easier to know which specifications you will need to select.

If you are creating a saddle-stitched book, the book will be printed by printing two pages together in a larger sheet and folding it into a book. All the pages will be bound together by stitching or stapling.

Check out the following illustration for more clarity:

A3 Open and A4 close book printing


Layout and Margins